Hall of Residence Ternova

Studying in Trieste,

like at home

A Hall of Residence for female students, based on the concept of "cloud" residences, with a training offer and a unique environment for studying, having fun and learning

Apartments and headquarters

The residence combines the advantages of both accommodation in apartments and in college

Housing service is in high standard quality apartments with three places; there are single rooms, with two bathrooms and kitchen. Apartments are comfortable, furnished and well-kept. They are located a few meters away from headquarters.
At the Ternova headquarters there are the common areas: spacious study rooms and classrooms for lessons and meetings, library, wifi connection in all rooms and computer stations; living room. Extraordinary spaces create the ideal environment for building friendships, studying, culture and personal training.

Family atmosphere

The atmosphere that reigns in Rivalto is that of a typical welcoming home that is always open, where everyone cares for each other and works together for the good of all. It is the ideal environment to study, have fun and work hard!

Priority to study

Life in residence is marked by the commitment of daily study but is enriched by moments of fun, sharing, cultural study and sport, which cannot be missing in a young and university environment.

Christian values

The residence is inspired by Christian values and offers the opportunity to participate in spiritual formation activities promoted by the Prelature of Opus Dei. Participation in these activities is always voluntary. The residence is open to students of all religious denominations.

Female residence

Ternova is a hall of residence for girl. In order to know our offer for male students in Trieste you can visit www.rivalto.org

Extra-curricular training at Hall of Residence Ternova

In the pursuit of

excellence in education

The training activities, carried out in collaboration with the Rui Foundation, a training institution accredited by MIUR, help students complete their university curriculum and develop transversal skills, projecting the university present into the professional and social future. It is a path that integrates academic knowledge with the contents and dynamics of the world of work, with particular attention to the personal development of everyone's talents. To find out more, visit the website jump.rui.it.

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The fee and what is included


Single room accommodation in apartments for three students, utilities (electricity, water, gas), common building expenses and fiber optic internet connection are included.

Soft skills learning courses (effective communication, teamwork, leadership), periodic meetings with guests from the world of work, personal tutoring and coaching service, study and leisure rooms at the headquarters of the residence.

€ 4.345 / annual

It is possible to obtain discounts on the fee  for particularly deserving students.

How to apply


Ternova hosts Italian and foreign university students. Spots in the Residence are awarded based on an admission test, which consists of the evaluation of the applicant’s academic record and an individual interview.
The admission tests are held at the Residence headquarters or online upon explicit request.

If you want to apply, register online via our MyCollege platform (click here).
If, for any reasons, it’s impossible for you to participate in any of the tests indicated, you can arrange an individual test on another date by contacting us at the email address ternova@fondazionerui.it.