Association and Hall of Residence

Education center for

cultural and social promotion

Hall of Residence

A Hall of Residence full of training activities for girls students who need a housing solution in Trieste

For the youngest

A place to make meaningful friendships, get to know yourself, cultivate and shape your personality

For families

Activities and meetings to help families in the education of children by enhancing the good humor and optimism with small but effective family strategies

Hall of Residence

Studying in Trieste, like at home

Ternova, in collaboration with Fondazione Rui, that since 1959 manages "Collegi di Merito" in Italy, is also a university residence, a place to live, study and have fun, preparing for one's professional and social future, in an environment where the passion for study, friendship and freedom are distinctive notes.

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The club activities for young people

A place of personal growth and lasting friendships

The Cometa Club, for elementary school girls, and the Bitta Club for older girls, are born as an educational ally of families, proposing growth paths at different age levels aimed at developing skills useful for the future.

Family promotion and support activities

Conferences, meetings and family-themed social initiatives

The activities and meetings offered to families are mainly intended to accompany them in the formation of their children by enhancing good humor and optimism with small but effective family strategies.
In particular, based on the pillars of communication, constructive dialogue and positive education, ideas will be proposed that families will be able to put into practice, each with its own specificity.
Training opportunities are also offered aimed at knowing and enhancing the role of education of the will in an always proactive key, helping families to create a personalized educational habit for each child, enhancing their uniqueness.

The ideal environment for friendship, study, culture and personal training

The building, dating back to the last decades of the nineteenth century, which houses the Association is an excellent venue for the numerous activities promoted by Ternova

Study rooms

Spacious study rooms, wifi connection in all rooms and computer stations

Classrooms for lessons and meetings

Large and small classrooms for all kinds of educational initiatives, libraries

Familiar spaces

A welcoming living room and multifunctional rooms for moments of aggregation

Support us

The forms of fundraising range from the promotion and organization of cultural, convivial and social events, to charitable sales, from the payment of "5 X 1000", to the possibility of accepting donations deductible from taxes.